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  • Vendor Standards

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    Regulatory Alerts
    Login Document Published Description
    Regulatory Alerts - General Certificate of Conformity and Childrens Product Certificate Information 12/16/2013 Notification of requirements related to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008
    Regulatory Alerts - Prop 65 BPA Reminder 3/15/2016 California Proposition 65 BPA grace period expiration
    Regulatory Alerts - Bamboo Labeling Requirements 5/8/2013 FTC requirements regarding use of "bamboo" in product labeling
    Regulatory Alerts - Lead and Cadmium in Jewelry requirements 3/22/2013 Macy's requirements related to Proposition 65 and lead and cadmium in jewelry
    Regulatory Alerts - Court Ordered Lead Requirements for Fashion Accessories 12/10/2010 Legal information concerning lead in certain fashion accessories under Proposition 65
    Regulatory Alerts - Labeling Requirements for Fur 7/2/2010 Labeling requirements related to fur and faux fur apparel
    Regulatory Alerts - Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 10/29/2008 Information regarding the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act



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