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Document Library
  1. Who do I contact if I need assistance using the Document Library?
All questions concerning access, and assistance using the Document Library should be referred to Rena Balzer in the Macy's, Inc. Store Planning, Architecture, Construction and Engineering office. She can be reached via email at

  2. What is the Document Library?
The Document Library is a central resource repository for policies, standards and procedures published by Macy's, Inc.'s office of Store Planning, Architecture, Construction and Engineering (SPACE). Corporate, Divisional and external consultants may access the library to obtain important data and information set forth by SPACE as requirements and guidelines for store renovation and new building projects. These documents can be downloaded for reference and used during the course of a building project. Documents are updated from time to time.

  3. How often are documents updated or added to the library?
Standard packages, drawings and guidelines in this library are generally updated at regular intervals. Changes and additions to the library are scheduled to occur on or around the 15th of each month. However, updates may also occur at other times, depending on the urgency of the changes and their affect on current projects. Changes to individual documents are noted on a revision sheet accompanying each package or file.

  4. How are users notified of changes to the library?
A general e-mail notification will be distributed to all authorized users of the SPACE Document Library. This e-mail will coincide with the scheduled update interval on or around the 15th of each month. An e-mail notification will also accompany other updates. To help identify those documents with the most recent changes, a �Recent Updated Documents� file is also available on the library site that can be downloaded. It is revised with every new update.

  5. Why am I unable to download certain documents?
Depending on what your defined role is on a project, you will be granted access to those files and documents that are relevant to your needs. If you require access to files you currently cannot open, contact your SPACE Project Manager to request access.

  6. How long does it take to download a document from the library?
Documents in the library vary greatly in size (50k � 75MB). Depending on your connection method and speed, some documents may take a substantial amount of time to download. With this in mind, make sure you allow enough time to download your required files, based on your project schedule. Also, once the files are downloaded, check to make sure they have not been corrupted during transfer.

  7. Is the SPACE Document Library the only location for documents relevant to my project and responsibilities?
Although the SPACE Document Library strives to be a comprehensive resource for project requirements, standards and information, there may be other important and relevant files necessary for you, which are not located on the library site. Contact your SPACE Project Manager if you have any questions regarding required information affecting your project.

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